David's Tip of the Week


Check and fill your coin mechanism to see that it is functioning properly!

Check the coin rail in the acceptor to make sure it is clean and coins will roll down it properly, if the rail is dirty, clean with finger nail or clean dry rag, never put water on the rail unless you let it dry before powering up, it may burn out the acceptor if it is wet when you power it up.

  • Fill the respective coin tubes to the desired levels, put coins in the coin slots to see that they register the proper amount when deposited.
  • Next make sure the coins are going in the correct tube and filling the coin tubes as they are being accepted.
  • Then fill tubes to the top and make sure that when you deposit each coin it goes to the cash box when tubes are full.
  • Make sure it takes Dollars Quarters Dimes and Nickels coins.
  • Also check the Quarter switch to see if it is on for High or low sensor operation, this allows enough quarters for the payback of coins from paper dollars or for five dollars acceptance. Depends on the account and sales which way you want it to be.
 How to fix my Coinmech. Fix your own issues on oyur own and this is how.

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