David's Tip of the Week

  • In some locations you may need to swing the machine though the door or remove the door to get it in the room.
  • Once you have the machine where you want it, it is very important to level the machine so the coins can roll down the rail and be identified easily, the machine will function better if it is level.
  • Bolt it in place so it will not move. Plus customers cannot bounce the machine around to get free product.
  • Place a block of wood behind machine to keep it away from the wall, some machines have to have air circulation behind them and will not function properly without it.
  • Plug the machine into a 110 volt outlet, check outlet and make sure it is properly wired, by plugging in a tester that you buy from any hardware store, this will ensure that the machine will work correctly, with the electronics that we have today it needs to be properly wired, hot neutral and ground. Some Machines require that you provide a 20 amp dedicated outlet so the machine will function properly.

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