David's Tip of the Week


  • Snacks to be put in the machine need to be proper sized for the spiral that they will be put in, they need to be loose when loaded into the spiral.
  • All products should either read left to right or bottom to top, you can decide what looks better, but all should be uniform so the machine is looking its best.
  • There are spacers for all snack machines so the bags do not turn to the side when vending, if this is happening, put a side spacer in the column on the left side.
  • Most candy products will dispense reliably when the spirals are properly loaded.
  • Some products may tend to drag or hang up at the front of the tray.
  • If this is happening, install the plastic spacers on the spiral so that it will push the products out better, you may need to place the pusher in different places, on the end or back a bit from the end, test it and try several times to get it just right.

Snack vending machine and how to properly load the machine. 

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